There is a dual challenge when it comes to
selecting glass for retail facades. It needs to be transparent
enough to display the products in all their glory, while keeping the
interior cool enough for prospective customers.

Sparkling Ice is designed to fulfill this dual objective. A variant of the SGG Antelio-Plus range of glass, it cuts out more than 35% of the sun’s heat and 70% of UV radiation. All this, while maintaining enough transparency to let each product shine through.

What’s more, Sparkling Ice can be easily toughened, enameled, curved, laminated, and assembled into double glazing. It can also be transformed into a multifunctional glazing with additional functionalities like acoustic control, impact protection, safety and fire resistance.

The very reason why, it’s clearly
the better glass for retail façades.

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Sparkling Benefits

Ensures optimum transparency
  • Maintains clarity of view
  • Allows in ample daylight
Reduces sun's heat
  • Cuts out more than 35% of the sun’s heat
  • Keeps interiors cool and comfortable
Protects from UV radiation
  • Filters out more than 70% of UV radiation
  • Prevents colors from fading
Saves electricity
  • Reduced air conditioning costs
  • Reduced lighting costs

Sparkling Ice is available in 5 and 6 mm thickness. Place your enquiry to know more.